Albion Skunk

Pride Of Albion (A.K.A. Albion Skunk)
This is the default ship for all of X Rebirth that you will be flying. It doesn't have the capability of transporting wares only items.

The Albion Skunk can be upgraded/equipped in several ways: Ammo, Shields, Engines, Weapons, Scanners, Software

You can also hold a crew of 5 NPCs not including Marines (which is limited to 50) upon your ship.


This prototype built by Jonferco in 2932 was a technical masterpiece based on blueprints by engineer Bala Gi. Its great flexibility in engine performance as well as weapon, shield and hull technology would have made it the first choice for any military organization. The model however never got into mass production, due to excessive costs involved into building the main structure.

The only prototype was bought by the Argon government and played an important role in the Terran Conflict as well as the Plutarch Revolution in Albion, where it was registered under the Teladi Faalos Desanos Huunas I. The ship was last seen heavily damaged in a massive battle against the Plutarch Mining Corporation and was registered as lost in action.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 100,000
  • Shield: 60,000
  • Engines: 90m/s (180 m/s)
  • Jump Drive: No
  • Radar Range: 20,000m


  • Unit Capacity: 50 (for Marines)

Weapon Systems[edit]


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