An Architect is a designer and project manager for construction work for stations and modules. They are actually employed on the Construction Vessel, or 'CV', that does the actual building. Every new CV will require one and they come, as expected, with differing skill levels. Architects will listen to your outline construction intentions and then advise you what can be built, where, and in which order. They will also advise the costs in terms of credits and supplied resources for your construction requests.

General Information[edit]

An Architect will be your main point of contact for building stations. In order to build a station you must hire an architect and place him/her on a Construction Vessel. Below is a listing of Available Stations an Architect can make. You will need hand your Architect money in order to build a station and the initial costs alone 5 million credits all the way up to 70 million credits.

In order for you to build a station you must have the construction vessel in your squad in order for the build option to be selectable in space.

The stations you can build are based on where the Construction Vessel was made. So if you want to build Omicron Lyrae stations in Albion space you will need to build the Construction Vessel in Omicron Lyrae space first.

The main listings of what you can build along side with the rough cost of the first part of the station(excluding defenses). Prices fluctuate so you may need a few million more to cover the differences.

Albion Stations[edit]

DeVries Stations[edit]

Omicron Lyrae Stations[edit]

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