The sector Ascendancy is located in the Albion system.


Superhighway Connections[edit]


There's little doubt that the dominating object in Ascendancy is Rupture, the 'broken moon' that is famous far beyond its sector, and that has become the object of many modern-day tales. When Rupture was torn asunder by an unknown cataclysmic event millions of years ago, its core of molten iron and other metals became exposed to space, cooling off over time. Also, the debris from the supposed impact has since formed a number of asteroid fields rich in resources; however, relentless mining has exhausted them to a large degree.

Home to a host of high-tech manufacturing and mining subsidiaries like Ledda Industrial, Beryll Astrotech and Plutarch Mining Corporation, Ascendancy - together with its neighboring sector Inner World - is called 'the heavy metal heart of Albion'. Both sectors have a working class culture that is distinctly different from that of other sectors, claiming to be superior to others in their working morale.

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