Basics on how to board ships to take them over.

What you'll need before you start:

Steps to take over a ship:

  1. Get close to ship you wish to take and double click on it. Select board (not dock)
  2. Yisha will tell you to take out the jump drive and engines so the ship you are capturing can't run away.
  3. The boarding party should now leave your ship and try to board and take over the ship.
  4. You'll be asked to create distractions by blowing up weapon and shield systems while the boarding party attacks.
  5. Complete!

If you try to take over a capital ship with too few marines or a terrible Marine Officer you'll get a failed message.

Recommendations and tips for taking over capital ships:

  • Bring drones to help attack incoming small ships and drones. Hit T and put them on smart defense the second you start.
  • Bring V Crusher missiles to quickly take out the jump drive and engines.
  • On some capital ships you can sit close to the engines and peak up to attack the rest of the ship due to them not having enough defenses back there. Its a good spot to recharge shields too.
  • If you are taking on a heavily guarded ship its best to keep moving. A missile swarm is all it takes to annihilate you.
  • You can always bring additional marines just incase as more marines and better quality marines increase your chances of success.

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