Listing of known bugs in the game. Please do not add in game crashes.


  • When pulling up information or the map on the center console it appears at an angle.


  • The Trojan ROV is indestructible. (Fixed)
  • Selecting Attack enemies doesn't work any different than defending.
    • The way to get your capital ships to attack back if you're under fire is get some of the enemy weapon fire to hit your capital ships. Then they'll shoot back. (Fixed.)


  • While doing an Escort mission the trade ship you are to escort will get stuck on part of a station. It can take 30mins to an hour before it can get itself unstuck.(Fixed)
  • When accepting a passenger transport mission it ends almost immediately with no reason as to why.(Fixed)


  • If a Construction Vessel is trading with an NPC ship it will sometimes stop trading while you are in the zone when you load the game save. (Fixed)
    • Leave the zone completely to get the NPC to move on.
  • While trading to the Construction Vessel in the campaign you will sometimes get a message of money received that is your current amount doubled. However you will not actually receive this money.(Fixed)


  • If you crash into an object at a very high speed, you can go thorugh it, and get stuck inside it. Just keep moving and bouncing inside it, and you will be able to go through.
    • It can happen to any object that hits another one at high speed.


  • The long range scanner stops putting white circles on your screen.(Fixed)
    • Deactivating and reactivation the long range scanner fixes the issue.

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