Campaign Walkthrough

This is a Campaign Walkthrough for X Rebirth. The Campaign Walkthrough is 100% complete and is based off version 2.0 of the game. When playing through the campaign, stations and zones may be different than what's in Free Play mode so some of the wiki general information may seem incorrect.

Special Notes:

  • If you are looking about the old 100 Energy Cell Issue that was problematic pre 2.0 please go here: 100 Energy Cell Issue
  • If you are using an old save and trying to do the campaign you may run into issues on the Alliance mission.

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  • The game opens with an intro movie of a guy talking and typing into an encyclopedia. Talks about the Albion Skunk and Albion Revolution
  • Automated cutscene where a random girl asks to dock with you.
    • 1. Click Ok to continue
  • Now she's onboard and you go to greet her. She says that we need to go.
  • Click Door lock to continue to get back on the bridge
  • Repair: Albion Skunk
    • More automated talking about how the ship is damaged and needs repairs. Then quick overview on how to move the ship. More talk about how badly damaged the ship is.

The Albion Skunk [Very Easy]

  • Fly to: Dormant Bear (Enter the green highway looking thingy). Hit TAB to boost.
  • Dock at: Nearby station Badlands Mining Colony
  • !Cutscene!
  • Find: Engine Components (Inside nearby locker)
  • Talk to: Hanson Derby
  • Return to ship by going up the stairway and clicking the door lock to enter the bridge
  • Fly to: Asteroid
  • Destroy: Asteroid
    • Right click to fire
    • Change to the mining laser (Click N to switch your weapon)
    • Right click again and hold until the white bar above the asteroid disappears and the asteroid will explode
  • After destroying the asteroids you are asked to bring Yisha to a location

The Heart of Albion [Easy]

An Unexpected Lodger [Easy]

  • Fly to: Distant Fume (Highway)
    • This highway is behind the other highway you originally came out of
  • Leave highway in 300 km
  • Fly to: Inner World (Superhighway)
  • Fly to: Cuspid Splint (Highway)
    • Avoid enemy fire
  • Leave highway in 160 km
  • Fly to: Frozen Circuit (Highway)
  • Leave highway in 150 km
  • Fly to: Rahanas (Ship) [Recommend to Quick Save now]
  • Destroy: Drones

Finding a Crew [Medium]

  • Fly to: Watergate (Highway)
  • Fly to: Cuspid Splint (Highway)
  • Leave highway in 170 km
  • Dock at: AES Cell Fab Matrix I
  • Acquire: Captain
  • Return to ship
    • You can pick up equipment from the orange boxes on your way out
  • Fly to: Frozen Circuit
  • Leave highway in 150 km
  • Deliver: Captain for Rahanas
    • Find a Dock which is at the end of the ship, look for the green icon and double click to dock
    • Once on board hit enter, click 5, click 2, comm the captain, click 4
    • Note before leaving you will want to search around this area as there are a lot of orange containers to pickup
  • Return to ship
  • Add: to squad
    • Select the ship and add to squad(click the ship and not the docking port). You do this externally while looking at the ship.

Battle Scars [Medium]

  • Destroy: Pirates
    • Fire missiles with R
  • Collect: Ammunition Container
  • Find: Engineer (Should be able to find one in Frozen Circuit)
    • !NOTE!: Dock and talk to the Engineer, do not just talk while in space. This can bug out if you hire him as the mission doesn't continue. You just need him to repair.
  • Talk to: Engineer
  • Repair: Albion Skunk
    • 1. Repair ship
  • Acquire: Defense Officer for Rahanas (They are expensive. Can be hired while docked or in space.)
  • Return to ship
  • Deliver: Defense Officer for Rahanas
    • Find the dock which is at the end of the ship, look for the green icon
    • Hit enter once aboard, click 5, click 2, click comm, click 4
  • Return to ship
  • Buy: Assassin ROV from Drone Dealer
    • This is a specialised drone.
  • Enter: Assassin ROV
    • Hit T key then select the drone.
    • Hit Ctrl to fire.
    • Hit Escape to leave drone.

The Trade Run [Medium]

  • Fly to: Watergate (Highway)
  • Fly to: Sinister Poem (Highway) [Go through Cuspid Splint Highway]
  • Leave highway in 300 km
  • Fly to: Ascendancy (Superhighway) [Unknown Sector]
  • Fly to: The Third Duke (Highway) [Unknown Zone]
  • Fly to: Far Out (Superhighway) [Unknown Sector]
  • Fly to: Concealed Hideout (Highway) [Unknown Zone]
  • Leave highway in 200 km
  • Buy 100 units of Energy cells from AES Energy Array I
    • Make sure during this to ONLY purchase 100 of them. Not a single one more or less.
    • 1. We'll see what we can find
      • Scan 20% of AES Energy Array I
        • You scan by just looking at the the [i]s around the energy array and putting them in your targeting reticle.
    • 5. Price isn't everything
  • Wait for the trader to arrive
    • 1. Let's take a look.
    • 5. Not right now.
  • Wait for the Rahanas to slowly pick up the energy cells. Will take about 5-10 minutes depending on how far away he is. Do the port closest to the highway for the quickest time.
  • Fly to: Exhaustless Mines
  • Leave highway in 140 km
  • Deliver: 100 units of Energy Cells to HOA Lonely Giant
    • Note that the cells are not in your ship but the Rahanas so you may need to wait 15 minutes for them to be delivered.
    • If you have more than 100 energy cells in the Rahanas then the mission can bug.
    • If you leave the system(to do a mission) instead of waiting for the 100 energy cells to be picked up the ship can bug out.
Selling 100 Energy
The only 100% confirmed solution at this point is save just before doing the buy and then just patiently wait for the pickup, go to the next system, talk to the drop off and wait for the drop off. (SPECIAL NOTE: When you are in the sell system make sure that you are selling to that station not another station. For some reason unless the Rahanas is in the same system as you it puts another station for the listing above. See picture to make sure you have the two circles that are highlighted in red shown and selected.) Repeat this until success.

The Long Goodbye [Medium]

Into the Unknown

  • Fly to: Unknown Zone (Everything is unknown once you go through the gate though sometimes information does show up and then immediately disappear.)
  • Fly to: Highway
  • Fly to: Unknown Sector
  • Fly to: Unknown Zone
  • Explore: Superhighway
  • Fly to: Highway
  • Fly to: Unknown Sector

Old Ties [Medium]

  • Dock at: ?? Solar Energetics
  • Talk to: Pedro Nakano (Achievement given)
  • Return to ship
  • Fly to: Gushing Spring
  • Dock at: ?? Crystal Castle [Recommend to Quick Save now]
  • Protect: ?? Crystal Castle
  • Destroy: Enemies
  • Dock at: ?? Crystal Castle
  • Talk to: Karen Stringer
  • Cinematic cutscene.
  • Talk to: Katherine Brown
    • Doesn't actually give you something unless you buy from the trade menu. You just get a 40% discount. (May have a different NPC name.)
    • You will need around 64,000Cr to purchase a shield. If you don't have the money you can still progress without the shield.
  • Return to ship

Reiver Raids

  • Fly to: Fervid Corona
  • Destroy: REI Domelch
  • Destroy: REI Cennelath
  • Fly to: Canteran Rearguard
  • Defend: Canteran Space
    • Don't shoot the Hermod even if it fires on you
    • If you find the fight too tough, head to the Cell Recharge Fac I. The Targon Tracers will be glad to assist you in destroying the enemies.
  • Fly to: REI Hermod
  • Protect: RoC Hermod
    • Destroy: Enemies
  • Fly to: Barren Heart
  • Fly to: Unmet Promise
  • Fly to: Bleak Pebble
  • Fly to: Twilight Sentinel
  • Leave highway in 170 km
  • Fly to: Jump Gate (Be aware PMC is now your enemy so you will have a lot of unfriendlies around you as you continue your journey.) [Recommend to Quick Save now]

Albion Rendezvous [Medium]

  • Fly to: Distant Fume
  • Leave highway in 300 km
  • Fly to: Inner World
  • Fly to: Cuspid Splint
  • Leave highway in 170 km
    • If you leave 30 km before you're suppose to you'll cut off some travel time to the waypoint.
  • Fly to: Cuspid Splint (Waypoint)
    • 2 may start fighting you as the cutscene plays. Your shields should be able to manage while you watch.
  • Fly to: Distress Reek
  • Leave highway in 400 km
  • Enter: Trojan ROV
    • You will need to purchase one the nearby station. You can purchase the Trojan ROV without docking.
  • Hack: Location
    • In order to hack you need to be under 50m with the Trojan ROV.
    • Your ship should be within 5km of the hack location to make this easiest for you.
    • Its a good idea to have your ship hidden in the near by station to avoid random patrols of enemies ships while you're using the drone.
  • Return to ship
  • Cutscene and talking.

Find Yoolis [Medium]

Prison Break [Medium]

  • Acquire: Marine Officer
    • You can head to Distant Fume and find one there as the system you're currently in is swarming with enemies and the stations hate you.
    • You will need some decent credits to pass this point as marines from the nearby station are around 20-24k per and the captain and marine officer will likely be around 50-60k each. This may not be a bad time as well to get upgrades for your ship as it'll greatly help you out later.
  • Acquire: 8 Marines
  • Acquire: Captain
  • Fly to: Inner World
  • Fly to: Cuspid Splint
  • Leave highway in 160 km
  • Fly to: Distress Reek
  • Leave highway in 400 km
  • Fly to: HOA Construction Vessel
  • Dock at: Landing Platform
  • Talk to: Liom Jorwan
    • After you talk to the NPC you need to wait for the jump to be completed.
    • NPC name maybe different.
  • Return to ship
  • Board: Taranis
    • Make sure to board, not dock.
    • Get close to the ship and open up the menu for it.
  • Destroy: Jump Tunnel Drive (Achievement given)
  • Destroy: Matter/Antimatter Drive
  • Destroy: Matter/Antimatter Drive
  • Protect: Boarding Pod
    • Move your ship to the top of the Taranis to be a distraction for weapons and drones. Feel free to fire back.
  • You will be informed to help the boarding party in several ways and likely not all the ones listed:
    • Destroy: Force Field Projector
    • Destroy: HIT/MA Turret
    • Enter: Trojan ROV
    • Destroy: Force Field
  • Protect: Taranis (2 Achievements given) [Recommend to Quick Save now after the talking stops.]
  • Protect: Heart of Albion Ships
    • Unless you are a extremely skilled pilot you won't win against the massive swarm of drones. So stay near a capital ship and let it take care of them.
  • Dock at: Heart of Albion Ship (1 Minute Timer)
    • After you dock the timer may run down to 0:00 and nothing happens. Just as long as the ship you docked at says its jumped its okay to go back to the cockpit. The campaign will continue.

Impound Raid [Medium]

Rebuilding DeVries [Medium]

  • Build: Integrative URV Forge in Glaring Truth
    • Remove the Rahanas from your squad
    • Join Construction Vessel to your squad.
    • Immediately get out of any menu and wait till you receive a message from the pilot about no fuel. Click his portrait and select option 2. Don't Use Fuel. This will take 10-15 minutes for the vessel to power up its jump drive and get into your system.
    • Select the 3D box portrait mini icons that will magically appear once the Construction Vessel is near you and build the station.
    • When building the station just click next next next until you're done and tell her to handle it all. Don't bother giving her credits.
      • At this time unsure if defence is really needed or not so you may wish to add defences during the build process.
    • Once station is started you shall receive a message with lots of talking.
    • You don't need to complete the station to continue.

Joint Operation [Medium]

Albion Exodus [Medium]

  • Fly to: DeVries
    • Your ship maybe heavily damaged thanks to the ship docking transition so you may wish to repair at the near by station first.
  • Defend: Jump Gate
    • Try to stay away from the capital ship as it will destroy you fairly quickly.
  • Fly to: Crimson Rocks
  • Fly to: Barren Heart
  • Fly to: Heartache Mist
  • Leave highway in 200 km
  • Fly to: Jump Beacon
  • Defend: Jump Beacon
  • Fly to: Torrid Veil
  • Fly to: Glaring Truth (Cutscene) (Achievement given)

Alliance [Medium]

  • Campaign doesn't say what to do at this point other than talk about drones...lots of drones. What you need to do is complete the station you started earlier.
  • Contact the Construction Vessel you deployed earlier in the campaign as it should still be there building.
    • Check the resource status with your Architect. You should still need something like 674 Bio-Optic Wiring and 286 Fusion Reactors. You can take two paths. Scan and board PMC ships that contain what you need or take the Rahanas to trade in Albion (which this will be doing).
  • Join Rahanas to squad
  • Plot a course to Buried Treasure in Ascendancy. This is a safe system to get the two main items you need.
  • Do a buy order for The Bio-Optic Wiring at the High Tech Fab and Fusion Reactors at the Ship Tech Fab. We will also be purchasing for part two of the station.
  • Plot a course to Fervid Corona in Glaring Truth or to where ever you put your station.
  • Sell the resources to your Construction Vessel.
  • It will take 30-40 minutes for your station to build. Feel free to do missions or explore during this time.
  • Cutscene will appear once the station is built.
  • (Optional) Hire a manager to manage production.
    • You should be able to hire one from Solar Energetics in Fervid Corona.
    • To assign the manager dock at your station. Then hit Enter, Crew (5), Call remotely (2). Select your new manager and hit Comm. Then click Work Here (4).
  • (Optional) Hire a specialist to improve production.
    • You're technically suppose to get a Metallurgical Engineer since they help Refined Metals production. However as I've search in most game saves they are 90% PMC and the other 10% are in a zone that you can't get to yet. Plus the campaign doesn't seem to need any kind of specialist.
  • Contact the Construction Vessel's Architect
    • Click Show construction plan (1).
    • Scroll down until you see URV Wharf and highlight Stage 1 right under it.
    • Click Extend and Next.
    • You will notice that on the next screen that you need the following:
    • Click Ok.
  • Buy 672 Energy Cells at Solar Energetics.
  • Sell all three resources to your Construction Vessel.
  • Wait for the URV Wharf to build which is typically completed in about 20 minutes.
  • Remove Rahanas from squad.
  • Quick message from Nakano will appear once the URV Wharf is complete.

The Battle For The Gate [Hard]

The upcoming battle is extremely tough even with a maxed out Albion Skunk. Recommend you load up on plenty of missiles.

Omicron Lyrae

  • Fly to: Pearly Shore
  • Dock at: Entertainment District
  • Talk to: Jimee Tomson
  • Talk to: Melissa Sillarn
  • Return to ship
    • Bug may occur here that you need to return to your ship. Likely occurs if you don't purchase upgrades. You can just go to your crew quarters and then back to the cockpit.
  • Fly to: Commerce Core
  • Fly to: Last Stand
  • Fly to: Last Stand Waypoint
  • Wait
  • Fly to: The Fallen Kingdom
  • Fly to: Radiant Haven
  • Fly to: High Scholar
  • Dock at: JSS Metalframes Fab II
  • Talk to: Neyl Colbern
  • Return to ship

Gaining Support [Medium]

  • Fly to: Everlasting Warden
  • Leave highway in 600 km
  • Fly to: CHOW BoFu Star Complex I
  • Escort: CHOW Gigurum (Liquid)
    • Double click the ship and select Autopilot(Follow) to make your life easier. Once you leave a highway however you may need to turn off autopilot and back on to stop your ship from repeatedly bumping into the other ship.
    • This will take a bit and you'll likely see no combat.

Unconventional Tactics

  • Fly to: Double Junction
  • Fly to: Devoid Clime
  • Fly to: Silent Void
  • Leave highway in 1200 km
  • Fly to: AG Arawn
    • Recommend to save now
  • Defend: Silent Void
    • You'll get messages to go into the highway but ignore these and just keep defending the gate. You'll eventually get an incoming message after the majority of enemies are dead and they stop spawning.
  • Dock at: SE Solar Energy Array I
  • Talk to: Illisa Kellar
    • This is a good time to stock up on newer weapons, missiles, and drones.
  • Return to ship


The Split

The Camouflage Device

  • Collect: 5 units of Xenon Components
    • You get these by killing small Xenon ships. You'll need to fly around the nearby systems in order to get these.
    • If you already have enough you'll just be asked to dock.
  • Dock at: RYK Lost Colony
  • Talk to: Yo t'Snt
  • Return to ship
  • Fly to: The Sixth Scripture waypoint
    • They will turn off the camouflage device without warning and you'll need to defend yourself against multiple Xenon alone.

The Xenon

  • Fly to: Prevarication
  • Fly to: Unending Path
  • Fly to: Indignity
  • Fly to: Sable Vortex
  • Fly to: Venturous Profit
  • Fly to: Schrodinger's Drift
  • Fly to: Cryptic Heart
    • Best to save now.
    • During this next part do not shoot at the Xenon even if they attack you. Just stay hidden.
  • Enter: Trojan ROV
    • Hack: Location x 10
    • Before entering make sure to hide somewhere inside the station. Xenon may start killing your ship while you're in the drone.
    • If you do get attacked by Xenon feel free to leave the drone, move to a new location, and then continue your hacking of the station.
  • Dock at: Landing Platform
    • Do not return to ship immediately even if you see the mission waypoint update to that. If you do the mission may bug out.
    • Head inside the station and the mission should update correctly.
  • Plant: Bomb
  • Return to ship
  • Enter: Trojan ROV
    • You are repeating the same thing as before on this second station.
  • Dock at: Landing Platform
  • Plant: Bomb
  • Return to ship
    • Be prepared for a mass of angry Xenon to start firing on you the second you return to your ship.


  • Fly to: Shattered Singularity
  • Fly to: AG Arawn
  • Fly to: Venturous Profit
  • Fly to: Schrodinger's Drift
  • Patrol: Cryptic Heart
    • You'll receive a message that the bombs won't go off so just start shooting the station.
    • After about 5-10 minutes of shooting various parts of the station the mission should continue.
  • Destroy: XEN Xenon Station
    • After 2 minutes of shooting the turrets on the station the mission should continue.
  • Patrol: Cryptic Heart
    • Assist in taking out the Branch 9 Destroyer K's. They are big and take a lot of damage to take down.
  • Lots and lots of NPC talk
  • Encyclopedia cutscene
  • Credits roll
    • You may bug out in which case you get a nice blank black screen. Hit ESC to go to the next cutscene.
  • Final cutscene
  • Achievement Given

Congratulations on completing X Rebirth's Campaign!

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