Inventory Items are a type of ware that is stored with you at all times. You do not need a special ship to transport this type of ware. These items are bought and sold via going inside stations and talking to NPCs versus selling outside at the various docks. All Items have a volume of 1. For wares traded by ships head on over to this wares section of the wiki.

Methods of getting items outside of trade is by scanning and by opening up lockers and trunks on stations.

Item Base Price Sold By Illegal To
Albion Tobacoo 303 Food Merchant PMC,HOA,AG
Albion Visa 1,382 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Amphetamine Sulphate 313 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Argon Delicacy Packs 116 Food Merchant -
Augmented Soil 144 Space Farmer -
Blank Freight Papers 305 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Blank ID Cards 620 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Calcite Shells 11 Space Farmer -
Cartography Units 274 Ship Technician -
Chipped Diamonds 583 Mining Supplier -
Chocolate Laced Rations 51 Food Merchant -
Delexian Ale 149 Food Merchant PMC,HOA,AG
Engine Components 61 Ship Technician -
Entertainment Consoles 62 Equipment Vendor -
Gold Nuggets 583 Mining Supplier -
Gourmet Foodstuffs 26 Food Merchant -
Hacker Chips 3,410 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Hazardous Waste 8 Junk Dealer PMC,HOA,AG
Jon Kayeans Whiskey 672 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Jump Drive Components 135 Ship Technician -
Life Support Systems 647 Ship Technician -
Medical Equipment 277 Equipment Vendor -
Micro-Organisms 595 Space Farmer -
Mineral Fertiliser 28 Space Farmer -
Mining Equipment 29 Ship Technician -
Neuronal Stimulant 596 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Omicron Visa 2,978 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Pesticide 46 Space Farmer -
Plutonium Dioxide 1,714 Junk Dealer PMC,HOA,AG
Psychedelic Mushrooms 1,257 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Radioactive Waste 10 Junk Dealer PMC,HOA,AG
Rough Gemstones 117 Mining Supplier -
Scrap Metal 19 Junk Dealer -
Ship Wreckage 23 Junk Dealer -
Silicate Minerals 22 Mining Supplier -
Small Arms 277 Equipment Vendor -
Space Suits 125 Equipment Vendor -
Spaceflies 7,612 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Spacefly Eggs 1,480 Black Marketeer PMC,HOA,AG
Stasis Chambers 3,284 Ship Technician -
Teladianium Panelling 59 Equipment Vendor -
Terran High-Tech Goods 1,417 Equipment Vendor -
Terran Red Wine 3,118 Food Merchant PMC,HOA,AG
Tracker Mine 42,835  ? PMC,HOA,AG
Unidentified Artefacts 7,389 Mining Supplier -
Weapon Interface Chips 1,511 Ship Technician -

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