Construction Vessel (Albion)


Construction Vessel Deployed
This type of vessel is a so-called SCODA - 'Self Construction On Delivery Assembly'. While similar on the outside, all SCODAs vary greatly internally since most of their components will form part of the very assembly they are constructing. After completion not much of the original SCODA remains and usually the process cannot be reversed. Therefore SCODA Construction Vessels are for single-use only.

Architects on board a Construction Vessel are used to build stations.

Important Note: In order to build a station you are required to have at least 1 Construction URV inside your Construction Vessel otherwise the station will never build. Resources being bought and the ability to deploy to build a station will still happen.

Cargolifter URVs on a Construction Vessel are not required but can help in certain situations and make trades go faster.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 1,400k
  • Engines: 74m/s
  • Jump Drive: Yes
  • Radar Range: 12,000m
  • Base Price: 1,249,036 Cr


  • Capacity: 270,000m3
  • Storage Type: Bulk, Container, Energy, Liquid, Fuel
  • Unit Capacity: 150

Possible Upgrades[edit]

  • Force Field Projector: 4
  • HIT/MA Turret: 4

Base Build[edit]

  • Energy Cells: 320
  • Food Rations: 70
  • Microchips: 14
  • Bio-Optic Wiring: 12
  • Reinforced Metal Plating: 8
  • Scanning Array: 6
  • Podkletnov Generators: 6
  • Fusion Reactors: 4
  • Plasma Flow Regulators: 4

Available Stations[edit]

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