Empire Builder Walkthrough

Empire Builder Walkthrough! This walkthrough will not be a complete path to follow since this start doesn't have a plot mission associated with it. It'll just contain suggestions on what to do and by no means is the best or fastest way to progress.

Starting Items and Standing[edit]

Generic Mission[edit]

Upkeep Missions[edit]

Pharma Lab I[edit]

  • Manager: Transfer credits to NPC Manager
    • Transfer 12428619 credits to NPC Manager
  • Acquire: Pharmaceutical Agent for Pharma Lab I
  • Acquire: Agricultural Engineer for Pharma Lab I
  • Extend: Pharma Lab I with Defence
  • Extend: Pharma Lab I with Radar
  • Extend: Pharma Lab I with Herb Garden
  • Extend: Pharma Lab I with Pharma Platform
  • Extend: Pharma Lab I with Narcotics Lab


When you enter the game you're given a bit credits and a station built that's ready for work. This is a Stage 1 station. Your mission you immediately receive is a generic mission. You can either head that direction and start making money that way or start locally.

The station itself will already be producing Spaceweed, Narcotics, and Medical Supplies.

While your station slowly starts to make money you'll still want to increase the output and efficiency of the station.

Station Operation Introduction[edit]

You'll need credits to start Stage 2 of your Narcotics Lab. Roughly ~16,000k Credits to completely build it out. Recommend you do mission running to get a bit of credits in your bank and get a feel for the game. You have 300k to start which isn't a lot in the world of X Rebirth so you have a bit of money making to do. To start, hand over 50k of your 300k you currently do have to your Station's manager to allow him/her to stock up on additional resources like so the production chain keeps going and keep ships moving.

  • To do this hit Enter, Info(2), Property owned(2), highlight the Pharma Lab I and click Details.
  • Then expand Management and highlight your manager and click Details.
  • Finally click on Current Budget and then Change. Move the slider to hand over the amount of credits you want. As you keep playing make sure to keep giving your manager a bit of money until you reach around 5million.

As you keep expanding the station the resource numbers will fluctuate due to increased demand from new parts of the station so a good chunk of credits will make sure everything stays operational.

Getting Money[edit]

  • You have a few paths to keep making money to fund your stations future expansions. Recommend you do a combination of things to keep the money flowing like Mission Running, Scanning, and Trading to start. You can just straight up do mission running and then send all the money into expansions and the manager however the return on investment will be quite slow. Below will show off some possible pros and cons to each of the 6 main money making options you have.
    • 1. Pirate: Board freighters and sell them in the Eternal Dawn system.
      • Pros: Lots of money very quickly. Excitement from combat if you enjoy that.
      • Cons: Lots of combat and can be tough to start immediately off with on the Albion Skunk you are using. Make factions angry at you causing more than just other pirates to attack you.
    • 2. Trade: Build a ship like the Lyranea in the Eternal Dawn system for roughly around 8,000k and start trading.
      • Pros: Safe income with a bit of effort and very little combat most likely. Once trading starts you can get money flowing at a decent rate.
      • Cons: Slow income and will need quite a bit of money to build a trading ship. Lots of exploration and finding places to sell.
    • 3. Mission Running: Escorts, Patrols, Combats, and Transporting.
      • Pros: You determine how much combat, adventure, and excitement you want. Decent pay once you do more difficult missions.
      • Cons: Can have very low credit rewards. May need to search for a good mission that isn't too difficulty when first starting.
    • 4. Station: Wait and expand the station.
      • Pros: Safe steady income with no effort.
      • Cons: Slowest method of making money when starting. With just your basic station it will take days before you can expect to make some real money from this. Do not wait for your station to give you credits when starting the game.
    • 5. Scanning: Long range scan mode
      • Pros: Get to see the beautiful universe of X Rebirth. Decent amount of income based on what you find. Easy to sell findings.
      • Cons: Can get boring fairly quickly. Mission running may provide faster income with high difficulty missions.
    • 6. Mining: Build a mining ship and have it start gathering resources for you to sell at various stations.
      • Pros: Safe income with a bit of effort.
      • Cons: Very slow return on investment. Takes a bit of money to start in order to buy the drones and the ship. NPC miners are seemingly slow and need to be watched over to see when they fill up.


Once you have a few credits and your station manager has at least a million credits to work with. It's not a bad idea to talk to your Architect and start the next portion of your station.

  • To Be Continued

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