Force Field Projector

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Force Field Projector

Base Price 64,554 Cr
Volume 96 m3
Storage Container

The Force Field Projector (colloquially also known as 'Shield Generator') generates an ultra-strong gravito-magnetic field capable of deflecting many forms of matter, matter streams, and energy. Its field intensity (i.e. density) decreases to the third power over distance; therefore, the force it is emitting (and likewise, capable of withstanding) is a product of energy output and distance to its magnetic focal point. Mounting Force Field Projectors in close proximity to the objects/features they are protecting reduces energy requirements and is common practice - but it is also a systemic weak point that can't be mitigated easily.

The FFP Mk1 is a very widespread system, found on most commercial vessels and stations. Its main purpose is the deflection of micro asteroids, ionised particles and cosmic background radiation. Its use as a defense against attack weapons is limited.

— Encyclopedia

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