Game Tips

General tips for playing X Rebirth! If you have any please by all means add them.

  • While in a station if you get stuck or just want to return quickly to your ship hit Enter-7-2.
  • Boosting reputation can easily be accomplished by selecting cartel raid incoming missions as the station you'll be appointed to defend will be more than happy to take out the incoming ships. You will be rewarded reputation even if you don't kill anything. Be warned though that selecting Very Hard will often spawn much bigger ships that will take a very long time to take down.
  • Hate Display Steering Mode spam? Go to Options Menu -> Settings -> Game Settings -> set Display Steering Mode to off. Enjoy!


  • You can get quick money by not only going to stations opening up trunks and lockers but also destroying enemy trade ships near the station.
  • For any sum of cash you desire - but seriously use this as a tester and play the game too :0 - note down your current balance > close down > edit the SAVE file you saved in wordpad - find the amount you have using CTRL F - there will be 2 or 3 - simply change that amount with say 500000 and save.
  • If low on cash and would like to make a quick profit try using your long range scanners to make a little money. Sector Far Out -> The Big Empty is target rich

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