Gigurum (Energy)


Gigurum (Energy)
Designed and manufactured by Gigurum Heavy Launchers, the Gigurum Energy Transporter is specifically designed to carry energy-loaded goods. Since chemical and/or nuclear energy cells can pose dangers to populations and ecosystems, this type of heavy freighter must be licensed for the transportation of hazardous materials; it also has to undergo regular technical inspection to keep the licence. Piloting this type of ship needs a special licence on the part of the pilot. The Gigurum Energy Transporter is neither fast nor agile, and is completely unarmed.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 44,000
  • Shield: 20,000
  • Engines: 64m/s
  • Jump Drive: No
  • Radar Range: 12,000m


  • Capacity: 14,000
  • Storage Type: Energy

Possible Upgrades[edit]

  • Force Field Projector: 1

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