Gigurum (Liquid)


Designed and manufactured by Gigurum Heavy Launchers, the Gigurum Liquid Transporter is specifically designed to carry goods in their liquid state of aggregation. Freighters of this type need an official technical clearance if they are used to ship hazardous liquids and their pilots need a license. The Gigurum Liquid Transporter's distinctive storage modules make it easily discernible even from a distance. This ship is neither fast nor agile, and is completely unarmed.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 36,000
  • Shield: 20,000
  • Engines: 72
  • Jump Drive: No
  • Radar Range: 12,000m


  • Capacity: 32,000
  • Storage Type: Liquid

Possible Upgrades[edit]

  • Force Field Projector: 1

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