HIT/MA Turret

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HIT/MA Turret

Base Price 33,672 Cr
Volume 54 m3
Storage Container

The High Throughput Mass Accelerator, or HIT/MA for short, is without doubt the most common mass driver weapon across all sectors. It is not an attack weapon per se and as such is often found on non-military vessels as a means of self-defence and deterrence.

The projectiles used by the HIT/MA and similar low-mass accelerator weapons are called 'pellets'. Due to their relatively low mass and firing velocity, the impact damage caused by a single pellet is average at best. What makes the HIT/MA worthwhile, however, is precisely the low mass and size of its pellets: they can be stored in large numbers aboard even average-sized vessels.

The HIT/MA fires pellets at a high rate of fire and herein lies its main strength. It can easily take down torpedoes and other small targets, however it is utterly ineffective against larger or shielded vessels.

— Encyclopedia

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