HIVI/MA Turret


The High Vigour Mass Accelerator (or short 'HIVI/MA') derives its large destructive force through the sheer mass of its projectiles. In contrast to smaller MA systems, the projectiles are called 'orbs' rather than 'pellets'. The large diameter of the orbs makes the system impractical to mount on small or medium vessels; but they are quite common as stationary defences.

Firing rate and exit velocity are very low, as is the targeting accuracy. Precision strikes against smaller targets are therefore out of the question, so leaving strikes against large installations and capital ships as the main area of application for the HIVI/MA system.

The HIVI/MA's destructive force can only be called excessive; it can destroy entire surface areas in a single strike.

Weapon Information[edit]

  • Hull: 200,000
  • Range: 5,600m
  • Damage: 15,000
  • Rotation Speed: 10 °/s

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