Hailstorm/MA Turret

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Hailstorm/MA Turret

Base Price 57,971 Cr
Volume 78 m3
Storage Container

The Hailstorm Mass Accelerator is a high-profile weapon system reserved only for the most advanced military installations and vessels. The projectiles (called 'pellets') employed by the system, albeit of low range, are emitted at high muzzle velocities and thus carry a considerable amount of kinetic energy.

What makes the Hailstorm/MA a truly formidable weapon, however, is its ability to emit large clusters of pellets (commonly referred to as 'Pellet Hailstorms') at once. It can easily take down missiles, drones and even small fighter craft. Its targeting accuracy is, in a way, high; even though not all fired pellets hit their target, the bulk rarely miss.

— Encyclopedia

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