Interceptor URV

Wares interceptorurv.png

Interceptor URV Mk 1

Base Price 69,314 Cr
Volume 142 m3
Storage Container

Belonging to a group of autonomously operating URVs (Unmanned Ranging Vehicles) that is in widespread use across all sectors today, the Interceptor URV is controlled by a simple AI. On the positive side, it is very agile and has a high thrust-to-mass ratio; on the negative side, it has a comparatively fragile hull and weak primary weapons. However, since the Interceptor URV is usually deployed in swarms (also known as 'shoals'), its destructive force is still substantial.

— Encyclopedia

Wares interceptorurv.png

Interceptor URV Mk 2

Base Price 97,561 Cr
Volume 148 m3
Storage Container

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