Intrepid URV

Wares intrepidurv.png

Intrepid URV Mk 1

Base Price 99,426 Cr
Volume 162 m3
Storage Container

The Intrepid URV is basically a reinforced version of the Interceptor URV, trading in some of the Interceptor's agility and thrust-to-mass ratio for a less fragile hull, and a slightly better primary weapon. Controlled by AI and usually launched in swarms (or 'shoals'), the Intrepid URV can cause considerable damage to vessels and installations. The Intrepid URV is customized for military operation, and as such, not usually available on non-military vessels.

— Encyclopedia

Wares intrepidurv.png

Intrepid URV Mk 2

Base Price 138,816 Cr
Volume 170 m3
Storage Container

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