Long range scan mode

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Long range scan mode (Enter-1-5) is an exploratory feature of X Rebirth. The main concept is putting your ship in a special mode to fire long range scans to detect objects you normally wouldn't notice. These objects are supposedly from old wars, battles, and past events. The best part of this mode though is the easy money that can be made from it. Once you get your economy going though it'll likely not be worth the time but for newer players this is definitely something to investigate and toy around with even for a little bit.

How To[edit]

  1. First find a zone to start a scan in.
    • If this is your first time it's recommended you go to The Big Empty as its the easiest place to scan and quite filled with junk awaiting to be found.
  2. Successful Scan
    Enter in Long range scan mode by hitting Enter-1-5. Your HUD should get a white outline.
  3. Fly out away from all the stations, highway entrances, and planets in the zone.
    • For The Big Empty put the planet and station directly behind you and hold boost until its at half and stop the ship.
  4. Hold down the R key and listen to the charge. The longer you hold the charge the farther it scans however if you hold down too long the scan won't do anything. If you do it correctly a pulse of teal/blue smoke will fly out around you.
  5. If something was in range you'll see a bunch of white circles appear all over your HUD. You'll want to put it in your cross hairs and start heading towards it while occasionally scanning.
  6. Floating Container
    Once the container is within range you'll want to shoot at it because in its current form it can't be collected by the Albion Skunk.
    • Make sure to do only one or two shoots against it from like a Pulsed Maser Mk1 as you can destroy the contents if you keep firing at it.
  7. Once you hear the noise of it being picked up you're good to go onto the next one.

Thing to note[edit]

  • Not all containers will have items or credits in them.
  • Its recommended you do this for no more than 20-30 minutes before docking and selling what you got. Mainly due to the fact that some of the goods you pick up will likely be illegal and if the police catch you with them it may not go so well in your favor.
  • Some systems are highly lucrative while others not so much or not at all.


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