The Lyramekron is an interesting ship type designed and built in Omicron Lyrae. It is primarily an armed freighter but is largely constructed using the same parts and sections as the Olmekron destroyer type and so keeps that ship's distinctively large and angular 'Y' shape. The Lyramekron is employed by most major factions in Omicron Lyrae for delivery duties where hostilities are expected. Its relatively large size has allowed the fitting of technologically-advanced weaponry and defences almost on a par with those of a destroyer; it is even stated in its advertising that one fully-outfitted Lyramekron should shrug off an attack by a Xenon K with its typical fighter escort. Pirates looking for a victim, even if not deterred by something that looks very like an Olmekron destroyer, should find this freighter to be far more than they can cope with. However, its large size meanwhile hinders its speed and agility somewhat when compared to other large freighters. Paradoxically despite its overall size being much larger than the Lyranea freighter, its copious defence installations and the angular hull design restrict its potential freight storage to no more than that of the smaller Lyranea freighter.

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