The Lyranea freighter is built in Omicron Lyrae where it is commonly seen in use by all the trading factions. Bigger than the equivalent Albion Rahanas in terms of size and cargo-space, it is somewhat slower. It is armed for self-defence purposes with more and larger weapons turrets than its Albion equivalent. Currently configured to be able to carry all classes of wares in multipurpose storage, the Lyranea design could most probably be easily converted for more efficient carriage of single or dual classes of wares - if the commercial demand were to be there.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 3,600k
  • Engines: 72m/s
  • Jump Drive: Yes
  • Radar Range: 24,000m


  • Capacity: 290,000
  • Storage Type: Bulk, Container, Energy, Liquid, Fuel
  • Unit Capacity: 150

Possible Upgrades[edit]

  • Force Field Projector: 11
  • HIT/MA Turret: 20
  • Plasma/MA Turret: 2

Base Build[edit]

  • Approx. Price: 7,900,000
  • Energy Cells: 620
  • Bofu: 140
  • Bio-Electric Neuron Gel: 124
  • Plasma Pumps: 118
  • Reinforced Metal Plating: 88
  • EM-Spectrometer: 56
  • Podkletnov Generators: 38
  • Fusion Reactors: 30
  • Plasma Flow Regulators: 22

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