There are two main ways for you to mine in X Rebirth.


What you'll need[edit]

Mining Ore[edit]

  • Enter Mining Mode - Hit Enter, Modes (1), Mining mode (3).
  • Select your Mining Laser
    • "n" is the default key to switch weapons.
  • Shooting at an Asteroid until the small white bar on it ends.
  • Repeat this process until the Asteroid has been broken down into the smallest pieces possible.
  • Double click one of the small pieces of ore to Tag it.
    • Once tagged the original blue circle will disappear. If you click again it'll show a green circle on it to notify you that it has been tagged for pickup.
  • Your transport will pick up the newly mined ore fairly quickly so no need to wait for it before you continue.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Occasionally while mining you'll come across additional items. These you can just pick up by running them over with your ship.
  • Your transport may keep its drones out even if it has nothing more to pick up. This is normal and don't need to be alarmed by it.
  • If you mine alongside an actual mining ship like the Fedhelm it'll help mine with its own laser if nearby.


What you'll need[edit]

  • Mining Ship
    • Make sure it matches the type of Product you wish to pick up. I.e. If you're going for Ore bring along a Fedhelm.
  • Drones
  • A place to mine. If you are unsure of what's available in nearby zones look by opening your map and if there is something to mine it'll appear under the "Yields" section. You can also check here on the wiki.


  • Join your mining ship to your squad if you haven't.
  • Hail the ship and select New order then Gather resources here.
    • If this option is greyed out. Make sure you are not in Mining Mode on your own ship as this puts them into a special mode as well.
  • Select the resource you wish to have mined.
  • The ship will now set out in the zone and mine until its almost full.
  • You will get a notification once the mining is complete.

Additional Information[edit]

  • You can leave the squad of the mining ship once you've sent your request.
  • Try to mine in zones where the resources you want are fairly close to stations and are plentiful. This ensures a lower chance of a lost ship due to enemies and having the mining ship waste hours traveling between mining spots.

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