Mining Laser


The Mining Laser is a high-frequency laser device which carries enough energy to ionise matter along its path, forming a brilliant vortex of ionized plasma. The penetration and expansion of this plasma vortex within mineral substances is usually sufficient to crack the target asteroid or rock into many smaller portions. Eventually these can be small enough for collection by mining drones. While very effective at breaking up rocks for subsequent mining, the standard Mk1 Mining Laser is unsuitable for ship-to-ship combat.

Weapon Information[edit]

  • Original:
    • Damage: 19.7
    • Range: 3,2000m
  • Mk 1:
    • Damage: 55
    • Range: 1,8000m
    • Base Price: 23,000 Cr
  • Mk 2:
    • Damage: 70
    • Range: 1,8000m
    • Base Price: 210,000 Cr

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