New Game

Creating a New Game in X Rebirth since version 2.0 gives you five options instead of two. Based on the selection you make your ship's main interface will look different and have different weapons equipped but its the same ship, Albion Skunk. No matter what path you select the entire universe is open to you so the game doesn't end after you've completed the main missions.



Campaign icon.jpg

Campaign HUD

Aboard the Albion Skunk, Ren Otani continues to forge a living in the isolated system of Albion. But as frictions between rival factions grow, Ren starts to find it hard to remain out of trouble.

Free Play[edit]

Free play icon.jpg

Free Play HUD

After the momentous events which reshaped Albion and beyond, you find yourself in a position to do whatever you want. Be it building a corporate empire, assembling a fleet or simply exploring, you are free to device.

Aspiring Merchant[edit]


Aspiring merchant icon.jpg

Aspiring Merchant HUD

With freighters at the ready you're thrown into the competitive world of trading. Amass profit to create an empire capable of toppling your rivals.

Argon Mercenary[edit]


Argon mercenary icon.jpg

Argon Mercenary HUD

It seems the days of the mercenary are returning as conflict again brews in the universe. Remain ahead of the curve with the latest weapon tech and alaways be the one to shoot first.

Empire Builder[edit]


Empire builder icon.jpg

Empire Builder HUD

One station is all that's needed to join the big league. Use yours to begin eroding your competition's hold on the sector while earning a hefty profit to fund your next expansion.

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