Overrun URV

Wares overrunurv.png

Overrun URV Mk 1

Base Price 132,523 Cr
Volume 184 m3
Storage Container

The Overrun URV is a drone with an average agility and thrust-to-mass ratio; what makes it extremely dangerous to capital ships and even large stations, however, is its capability to launch Newtonian V Crushers. If not taken down within seconds of detection using appropriate countermeasures, a swarm/shoal of Overrun URVs will inevitably break through any kind of plate shielding and armour, rendering the target disabled in nearly all cases. Overrun URVs, when used in STG (space-to-ground) operation, are usually decisive for the outcome of the battle, and are utterly destructive. Hence, STG operation with this type of weapon is outlawed across all sectors.

— Encyclopedia

Wares overrunurv.png

Overrun URV Mk 2

Base Price 170,318 Cr
Volume 192 m3
Storage Container

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