Rahanas (Liquid)


Rahanas (Liquid)
The Rahanas Liquid Freighter is one of the capital ships of the Rahanas line of vessels. Based on a 'Common Ground' design just like its siblings, this large vessel has only basic weapons and is neither very agile nor capable of fast acceleration. Its intended (and only) use is the transport of goods in a liquid state of aggregation. It is easily recognizable by its distinctive storage modules.

General Information[edit]

  • Hull: 1,300k
  • Engines: 78m/s
  • Jump Drive: Yes
  • Radar Range: 24,000m


  • Capacity: 180,000
  • Storage Type: Liquid, Fuel
  • Unit Capacity: 150

Possible Upgrades[edit]

  • Force Field Projector: 4
  • HIT/MA Turret: 14
  • Plasma/MA Turret: 2

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