Scoop Collector URV

Wares energycells.png

Scoop Collector URV Mk 1

Base Price 63,723 Cr
Volume 136 m3
Storage Container

The Scoop Collector URV is a close relative to the Surface Miner; large swarms of this type of drone are being deployed into gaseous nebulae simultaneously to collect raw gasses. The method by which the gas collection is accomplished is called 'scooping'; hence, the name Scoop Collector. Autonomously controlled by AI (or AGI in some rare models), the Scoop Collector URV is the foundation on which many branches of industrial production are relying. Be it hydrogen, anti-H, oxygen or more exotic gases, chances are, swarms of Scoop Collectors stand at the beginning of the refinement process.

— Encyclopedia

Wares energycells.png

Scoop Collector URV Mk 2

Base Price 78,515 Cr
Volume 142 m3
Storage Container

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