Station Building

A tutorial on how to build a station.

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Starting Resources[edit]

Resources you need to have before starting:

  • Construction Vessel with an Architect on board.
  • Construction Vessel MUST have at least 1 Construction URV in its inventory or the station will not build. A recommended amount is 20 of them as this will keep the station building.
  • A friendly zone to build your station in. If you are doing the campaign and are at war with PMC it will be very hard to build anything in the Albion system. Most zones will have at least 1 place to put a station.
  • (Optional)1 or more Cargolifter URV on the Construction Vessel. If ships dock with no cargolifters then you won't be able to receive their wares. However most NPC traders will have several cargolifter URVs on board which makes this optional.
  • (Optional)Credits. Though credits aren't needed immediately it does help to have several million on hand to give to your Architect right away so time isn't wasted waiting for you to get them credits.

Building the Station[edit]

  1. Have the Construction Vessel who has an Architect on board join your squad.
  2. Double-click on a Build location in space which is a set of 3D boxes (see picture) and select Build.
    Build Option
  3. The Architect will contact you and give you some options. You'll want to select "1" for Select station for construction.
  4. When the next screen appears on your center console you will be given a list of stations to select. If you don't know what all these stations are I would recommend you look up which each station does and sells. Each station will work better in locations than others based on the supply and demand for that system. In this tutorial we will be building the Arms Tech Supply station.
  5. Once you've made your selection of what station you would like go ahead and hit Build.
  6. The Select Upgrades screen will appear and here you will select various defenses for your station. Currently there isn't much of a threat to any station in X Rebirth so you don't need to be too concerned here. If you do want to add some defenses click Change to do so otherwise click Next
  7. Now you'll be given a screen of the final resources needed to build your station and the likely price. You will not need to provide these resources as long as you give your Architect money to make purchases on your behalf. You also live in a universe with an ever changing economy so you may need to spend a bit more than what you see in order to get the station built. In our case our Estimated Total Price is 44,164k Credits just for this initial stage of station construction. Click OK when you're ready.
  8. After clicking okay you'll be given two main options outside of selecting another station. I'll provide them or You take care of it. As of right now it doesn't seem to matter what you select here but for tutorial sake we'll be selecting You take care of it since we will be handing money to the architect and them them do the shopping.
  9. Money Transfer
    You will then be asked to provide credits or immediately begin construction. Any time during the construction phase you'll be able to hand your Architect credits. In this case we'll be handing our Architect money right now before we start. As seen in the picture here is what it comes up by default but its not a bad idea to give them a little bit more especially if you plan to expand beyond the initial stage of the station. Click OK to do the money transfer
  10. Deployed Construction Vessel
    Now you'll have two chances to cancel this station construction or hit Build this station if you know you're good. If you do accidentally hit build two times and still want to cancel you can immediately talk to the Architect while the construction vessel is flying to the building site and cancel. However once the construction vessel is deployed and the station building has started it can no longer be cancelled.
  11. Your station will now start building. This can take up to several hours depending on the station you selected to build and the available resources.

Expanding the Station[edit]

Coming Soon!

Station Operation[edit]

Additional details are located here: Station Operation


Station managers are your go to NPCs that assist in managing the station. Their main purpose is to handle the buying and selling of wares at your station to keep it operational. The options managers currently allow you to control are shown below. In version 2.0 they are now required in order for your station to function.

  • Current Budget: How much money does the station get to work with in order to buy and sell wares. If too small amount you may experience downtime however a little amount can still help it slowly move along.
    • Below you can see some of the minimum cost requirements on a fully built station.
  • Restrict trade to other factions: Here you can restrict what you buy and sell at this specific station.
    • You can restrict all the various wares a station normally needs to operate.
    • Any ware you restrict as a resource will need to be filled by you to keep the supply chain going.
    • Any ware you restrict as a product will not be sold but fill up inventory space inside the station. Stations do not have endless amount of space.
  • Re-stock trade drones automatically: As I said before you only need 1 for your station to buy and sell really as visiting NPC transports usually have around 20 of them on board to help the trade.
    • More trade drones will help ships come in and out of the docking areas faster
    • Having this is good in case an attack happens and trade drones are lost
    • Currently unsure of how many trade drones a station will stay stocked up on. If you know please edit this post and change it.
  • Ships controlled: These are ships sent out for trading runs for the station so you don't need to wait on other NPC ships to fly by. This is helpful if you have trade restrictions set.
  • Operational range of subordinates: Limits how far the ships you have set to the station will travel in order to do their trading.
    • Very useful so that trade ships don't waste money on jump fuel.
    • Can be set to Zone, Sector, or System the station is currently occupied in.

Defence Officer[edit]

Defence officers are your commanders/leaders in making sure your station stays safe and protected from attacks. A defence officer is not necessary currently due to low amount of attacks on stations right now. How ever its not a bad thing to have guarding your stations when in systems where Reivers and Xenon attack regularly. Can be given command of ships just like the manager however these ships are used for defence only. The options defence officers currently allow you to control are shown below.

  • Re-stock defence drones automatically: By default set to off but if you have the money and attacks are frequent this is generally a good thing to have on to help defend the station.
  • Re-stock ammunition automatically: By default this is set to off as well but bigger stations typically have weapon systems that do utilize ammo like missiles. If you have plenty of money its a good idea to turn this on.
  • Ships controlled: How many ships are controlled by the defence manager to protect the station from harm.


Subordinates can be used for both defence of your station and trading goods. Instructions on how to assign a subordinate below after you have a manager working on your station.

  • Hail the ship you wish to join to the station.
  • Select "Assign new superior".
  • Either select "Through map" or "Through list".
  • Highlight the station you wish them to be assigned to and click Select.
  • Highlight the role you wish them to take and click Select
    • Protect - Must have a defence office on the station. You will also want one on the ship too if you wish for your ship to attack.
    • Trade for Production - Must have a Manager on the station.
    • Trade for Building - Must have an Architect on a Construction Vessel tied to the.


Here are the minimum required budget your manager would like to properly operate for a fully built station.


Its tough to determine how much a station will make you in profit due to things like providing your own wares and how much stock your universe has for the items you're buying/selling. However the simplest rule of thumb outside of the Cell Recharge Fac is that the more costly the station the better the profits in the end. If you build things like Reinforced Metal Plating you'll be racking in the cash quickly vs making Energy Cells.

As for station profits specifically, your station manager will automatically give you credits once you reach enough stored at your station that its pointless for them to have more than that to keep the station fully stocked and operational. For some stations this could take quite a bit of time so you may need to do the credit transfers manually.


  • Station building has stopped progressing
    • Check to make sure the Architect hasn't run out of credits. You can do this by Hailing the Construction Vessel -> Call Architect -> Here are some credits... If this amount is below 100k the Architect likely needs more. You can also check the resource status to see if it still needs something by going to Hail Construction Vessel -> Call Architect -> Show resource status.
  • When upgrading/expanding the station it gets to 100% and then starts over.
    • This looks to be a bug right now. Its suggested being in the squad and in the system just as the upgrade completes to get around the issue.
  • Does the station still operate while expanding it?
    • Yes and once an upgrade is finished the results on efficiency change almost immediately.
  • There's no dock after building is complete.
    • Bug. You can get around this by leaving the zone and coming back.

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