Station Operation

Some basic information on running Stations in X Rebirth.

Several bits of this information is now out of date due to v2.0. You can see additional details and information located at Station Building


Once you fulfill the Primary resource requirements the station will start producing products. You do NOT need a manager currently to start production on a station. Managers just give additional options on how your station operates.

In order to see what's required to start production go into the Station Menu and expand the Productions modules listing. Now click one of the listings and then Details. Here you'll see your stock levels along with how much it will consume an hour. Everything you see here is in real time so if something says it will take 2 hours it really means 2 hours.

Production Efficiency[edit]

As you expand the station or have enough secondary resources in stock you'll notice that Product Efficiency will increase. Apartment Suite as an example will increase efficiency by 5% however damage to the hull of the station will decrease efficiency.

The better efficiency you have the more products will be produced every hour.


Immediately after the initial setup of your station is completed the station will begin purchasing resources. The money that it will utilize to make the purchase will be directly from your wallet and you won't get a notification. Likely you'll have enough credits to cover this since you are building a station however be prepared for several million credits to "disappear" once the station starts trading.

You can sell to your own station however the money will come out of your account. There is no method to just "give" resources to a station.

Secondary resources are not required in order for production to start. These resources are just bought to reduce excessive production of that good from filling up the X Rebirth universe. They also give you product efficiency bonuses to help increase the amount of products produced each hour.


Your station will likely and eventually be attacked by something. There isn't much for war at this time however the occasional ship will appear and you don't want your station to slowly die when you're not in the zone. You have two options for defending your station.

Shields and turrets[edit]

Here your Architect comes in handy again. In order to upgrade the defenses of the actual station like shields and turrets you go the construction plan section and click the upgrade button. This is where you'll be able to select the various defenses to upgrade. Upgrade Options: Force Field Projector, Plasma/MA Turret, V Launcher, Astrobee Launcher, HIT/MA Turret, Hailstorm/MA Turret

If you're looking for cheap quick defenses to handle the small ships that attack a few HIT/MA Turrets should be able to handle them on their own.


Another option is drones which the Architect will give you the option to upgrade your station with. Just click the Equip drones option when talking to your architect. You have 3 options outside of the versions to equip for defense purposes: Interceptor URV, Intrepid URV, Overrun URV. 5 of any of these should be able to also defend the station.


In order to repair your station you can talk to your Architect and click "Show construction plan". Then when the station name is selected (e.g. Arms Tech Supply I) you will have the available Repair option. You can also select a completed Stage and any "done" module.


Your construction ship will still stay stationed outside awaiting you to purchase further upgrades like defenses, expand to the next stage, or transfer drones to the station.

Bugs: There is two random station bug when upgrading/extending that it's recommended you be in the same zone as the station that's building when it reaches 100% to avoid these issues. In one case when the bug occurs the entire station will show as done even though you upgraded only one stage. The other version is where it will hit 100% completion and then start over back at 0%.

Another bug can occur and break the station if you upgrade stages out of order even though the game allows you to. At the current time it's best to go top down and not skip any stages and do only one stage upgrade at a time.

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