A fan of X Rebirth.

My Stations[edit]

Lookout Alpha[edit]

Inner World[edit]

My Ships[edit]

  • Rahanas (Liquid) x 1
  • Rahanas (Bulk) x 1
  • Rahanas (Energy) x 1
  • Rahanas (Container) x 1
  • Arawn x 3
  • Fedhelm x 1
  • Midir x 1
  • Taranis x 2
  • Scaldis x 2
  • Heavy Sul
  • Light Sul
  • Lyranea

New Year Update[edit]

To start off the new year of 2015, done the following in the past two days:

  • Moved to a far faster server and network
  • Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.23.7
  • Upgraded extensions to their latest
  • Installed Mobile version of site (MobileFrontend)
  • Installed LUA with Scribunto so we can now have modules (Per Request)
  • And a bunch of small fixes and changes to make everything betters

If there's anything that you believe the site needs please don't hesitate to let me know. :)

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