V Crushers

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V Crushers

Base Price 3,108 Cr
Volume 12 m3
Storage Container

The Newtonian V Crusher (also known as 'Vector Crusher' or 'V Crusher') is the most common type of missile across all sectors. Because of its lack of a guidance system it can be mass-produced and is comparatively inexpensive; on the other hand, lacking a guidance system usually means that the Newtonian V Crusher is not particularly useful for taking out small or moving targets. Once launched, this type of missile will travel in a straight line (hence 'vector') forever or until its proximity sensor triggers the explosion of the warhead. The V Crusher is most efficient in taking out turrets on capital ships and stations and for breaking shields. A V Crusher barrage, however, may easily become a threat even for smaller vessels.

— Encyclopedia

Weapon Information[edit]

  • Top Speed: 1,350m/s
  • Acceleration: 300m/s²
  • Damage: 5,000

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